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Lucky Super Soft Fortifying Shampoo (Dollar Tree)

In my previous review, I tackled Silkience Moisturizing Shampoo, which is available from Dollar Tree.  However, I did not like the texture, or its inability to lather in one’s hand.  I was not the only member of my family to find it less-than-desirable…my wife refused to even touch it.  So on an ensuing trip to Dollar Tree, she looked for an equally-cheap alternative.

Lucky SuperSoft Fortifying Shampoo was the end result.  It comes in a clear, plastic bottle, while the liquid itself is blue.  Like everything from Dollar Tree stores, it is also priced at a dollar, putting it in line with such shampoos as Suave and White Rain.  But whereas you get up to 18 oz. for a buck with the latter, and 15 oz. for a dollar with the former, Lucky Supersoft only provides you with 12 oz.  So why not get the national brand if you’re going to be paying the same amount for less?

Scent-wise, Lucky has a sort of strong ocean-y smell.  It’s good, and once again doesn’t have the fake smell that permeates a lot of cheap health and beauty items.  Unlike Silkience, it also pours smoothly into your hands, the way shampoo should, and also lathers up properly.  It also does what shampoo should–I noticed no change in my hair with Lucky…it certainly didn’t make it “super soft”, but it also didn’t dry it out any.

The main drawback here is the quantity for the price; other than that, shampoo is shampoo to me.  Why pay $1 for 12 oz. when you can get Suave or White Rain for equal price, yet greater quantity?  Plus, Suave comes in a variety of delicious smells, whereas Dollar Tree only seems to carry one or two varieties of Lucky.  (It is also rather curious to note that this shampoo is not available on Dollar Tree’s website, either).

I like this stuff, certainly better than Silkience, but it’s still a far cry from a “deal.”  Of course, many girls are picky about their shampoos, and won’t be caught dead spending anything less than $10 for a “salon quality” product.  I don’t think Lucky is going to change that outlook any.  But if you happen to need shampoo, and happen to be in a Dollar Tree store, and the White Rain happens to be sold out (which, ironically, was the case on my most recent trip), then you can certainly do a whole lot worse.

NOTE: Lucky also makes a “matching” conditioner that is also available for a dollar.  I do not use conditioner, so I did not test it, but being able to get a shampoo AND conditioner for $2 might make it a better deal if you are into that sort of thing.

Overall: 6.5/10.  Has the right consistency, feels good in the hair, and it works.  But is $1 for a 12 oz. bottle really a deal, when some competitors (Suave and White Rain, specifically) are selling larger bottles for the same price?  Again, my outlook is that shampoo is shampoo–I really have no specific hair needs.  So maybe if you need a “fortifying” shampoo, then Lucky will fit the bill for you.  For me, it’s just too little product for the price.

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